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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Been A While How Ironic

Took a look at what I wrote yesterday ... and chuckled ..... yeah it has been a while since I blogged last and it has been about as long since any excitement in the bedroom has occurred. So imagine, the better half smiles and makes a sexy comment about wheres the bun when she see a hard sausage yesterday evening. One might thing that whooo hooooo been a while is about to be over, but then again, she was looking and commenting about some one else on ICUII that seems to say hello with a picture of his hard on, which the better half seemed to respond to.

I know if was just a friend, nothing behind it at all. Just a guy that chats with his hard on. All our friends chat that way with us. But then, it has been a while since the better half has even bothered to make a sexy comment about my equipment yet alone touch it ..... or even look at it for that matter. Wonder how I know she doesn't look at it? Before the holidays, for some reason I thought the better half was thawing a bit and just maybe Been a While might end and on an impulse I manscaped. Sounds stupid doesn't it. Feels even more stupid (and itchy) if it isn't even noticed. I bet she notices when her man sausage friends manscape, bet she even has some thing flirty to say and gets a cute IM or two. I guess I will go back to the Been A While mode, its not so bad, gotten use to it. Maybe I can use the time to teach my dick to type like the sausage guy yesterday cause a typing dick surely would get noticed.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Been Awhile

It's been awhile, to say the least, still think about blogging....writing thing out, stuff that is up stairs in my mind, things that are on my mind. People that blog say it is good to do so.

Been checking some other blogs recently as well. I don't follow any really, just check some once in a while. Some actually have pretty good pictures on them. You figure out which kinds I mean.

Well, I thought I did well for even remembering how to log in yet alone add some thing. Maybe I will start slow and become a regular that is what you call some one that blogs.