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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grad Party and Vacation Plans

You know you've come full circle when you celebrate the graduation of one of your kids. The oldest son has graduated from high school. He's turned into a great guy, a fine young man who doesn't make me like an old man....even though he could probably kick my ass. I wonder what he'll go off and do.....where his path will lead him? What ever it is he, has made me proud and where ever goes will be a better place from his being there. I hope that I have set a good example for him, in some ways I probably have, in many I have probably let him down.

We'll this weekend will be fun, a lot of work, but he is worth it.

Starting two weeks of vacation as well......gonna lay around the pool, drink some beer, work on the honey due list, get a tan and if I get lucky trace the Better Halfs tan lines with my tongue.....just that probably won't happen but it sounded fun. lol