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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why the Time from Around the World

I travel a lot and conduct business all over the place and have people working for me in Germany, England, France, Sweden, Brazil, China, Thailand, Australia, and India (and maybe a few more places, I think I'll be taking responsibility for some stuff in Japan soon) so time is always on my mind. Or the work that fills the time, the questions, issues the To Do's that are not done yet in all these different places. Sometimes, work doesn't end because as I end my day here in Michigan, some one is starting theirs some where else and has questions, answers, issues that need to be tended too.

You've got to love the global economy. The Better Half likes it, the global economy, because it does prompt me to travel and I will be taking a two week trip to Asia next week. It gives her a bit of a break from me, I think she needs it. No, I know she needs it. I'm not traveling as much as much as I use to (cutting back and limiting travel -Automotive is one tough industry right now), so she is long over due for a break from me. I'll post anything I see that is cool/different as I'll be spending a weekend in Bangkok. New places are always interesting and I look forward to exploring it, love Thai food so this should be good. Hey post anything interesting that you might see from the Better Half while I'm

And yes, I will be returning with an extra suit case stuffed with Coach purses and stuff like that, any requests?

signed the other half

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teahouse said...

Hahahaha..Coach purses! You are a good husband!