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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 2 Cents

Well, I didn't think the better half would so easily post something. I'm glad she did as she has good things to say and sometimes they are about me. I hope her words come easy and yes once in a while we need to question something the other has said and sometimes we need to just think about it and not read more into it. The adult disclaimer should be shut off as this will not be a porn oriented blog. May be some cute sexy tasteful pics of the better half (she is very creative and good at this) Sorry no nudity here (don't want to scare everyone way) and this is not what this is about. We'll see where this goes as it's "Another Try" at a lot of things, blogging, talking, listening, communicating, sharing, and most of all falling more in love with the better half. This is what it's about.

signed the other half

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teahouse said...

Welcome back! Glad to see you guys are blogging together. Sounds like an exciting going on a new trip or even a romantic getaway.

Can I just say that your kids must be amazing writers, because you both have a knack for just expressing yourselves in such beautiful and elegant ways - the two of you have very different styles, but I enjoy reading it all!